Barrett Hardy
Chief Operating Officer
Kelly Frank
VP, Business Development


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Dr. James Okoh, President and Chief Medical Officer of National Radiology Consultants founded this company in 2003 for the purpose of enhancing and providing quality, accurate, and timely professional radiology services to our hospital customers, their medical staff members as well as to the patients we mutually serve. National Radiology Consultants provides superb and comprehensive hospital based diagnostic and interventional professional radiology services, teleradiology, anesthesiology and all with an emphasis on patient care.

Dr. James Okoh, D.O.
President, CEO & CMO

Mr. Hardy serves as NRC's Chief Operation Officer since February 2016. Mr. Hardy started his healthcare career in imaging in 1995 after completing his training for X-Ray and MRI technology. Mr. Hardy spent years managing various departments in healthcare with an emphasis on imaging. His leadership skills led him to his current position where he now runs the day to day backbone operations with the NRC. Executive Team. 

Ms. Frank started her career with NRC as Director of Business Development in May of 2016 and currently serves as NRC's Vice President of Business Development since July 2017. Ms. Frank's responsibilities have expanded to managing NRC's online presence, marketing, account building, and management.